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It’s Adventszeit here in Germany and for those of us who have turned writing into their religion, it couldn’t be a better time for another writing challenge right after NaNoWriMo.

The concept is simple: every day until Christmas (Day 1 to Day 24) I will write a short text, without worrying too much about what genre it will be in (flash fiction, flash essay, poem, or whatever in-between shape its first draft will take). It’s probably not going  to be above 500 words but I will not bother with word count, I will just write and see where I end up.

And in order to have no excuses not to write on busy days, I will do what I always do in such cases: type on my phone while commuting, on the Notes app (nothing fancy), without overthinking it, just following the first idea that comes to my mind, going word by word and sentence by sentence. When I say idea I usually mean sound, image, or smell. I almost never have a fully developed idea when I start to write something. I had initially meant to post everything here each day, but I decided not to. For the simple reason that I may wish to turn these raw snippets into larger pieces one day without having a public “publication” trace.

Btw, I didn’t do the classic NaNoWriMo this year. I almost never do it. But I did use November to a) prepare my text for the December 14th reading at the Gasteig and b) reconnect with and advance my ongoing book-length nonfictional writing project. And with November having been such a great month, yesterday (December 1st) I found myself wanting to keep going but without necessarily having the “big project” pressure every single day until Christmas.

It’s Day 2 as I am writing this and I’ve just written my text of the day. So what do you say, are you in? If yes, I’d like to know how it’s working out for you as we move through December. Feel free to comment below.

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