Let you writing bloom this spring

Dear readers and writers,

Spring is slowly coming here in Bayern. Some of my favourite childhood flowers have already started to bloom: snowdrops, sweet violets, and spring crocuses.

Despite the health-related challenges I’ve been facing lately, the idea of nature regularly renewing itself gives me both strength and hope. It is in nature that we find our way back into ourselves. Where we can move, sit still, dream, and write.

It’s there, in the mountains, that I sat still for hours today and watched the water slide on the surface of a lake, let my skin soak in sun, let my thoughts get lost in the space beyond language, away from words or any conscious hunger for meaning. 

…and now I am back to my laptop, back to my rocking chair, back to you. It’s because I have given myself this time alone, to reconnect with myself, that I can now reconnect with you and share some news. To read more about writing as a way to (re)connect, go here.

Free writing resources 

Monthly writing prompt  use this as the opening line of a new story: “Are you sure we’re supposed to do this standing up?” Set a timer. Write for at least 10 minutes, by hand, in your notebook. If you don’t feel like stopping, don’t. Set the timer for another 10 minutes. Then forget time. Just write.

From where you dream – my free workshop in my Paypal Magic Section. If you like what you see, consider joining the group Creative Writing in Munich for face-to-face workshops or buy the workshop package for 180 Euro in the Paypal Magic Section to work at your own pace. 

Free writing workshops with MSLexia.

Writing contests

– For women writers only: check out the Ms Lexia competitions; the deadline for the Flash Fiction and Short Story competitions deadline is 20 Mar 2017.

– For all writers of fiction: you can submit work for theGlimmer Train competition categories Very Short Fiction and/or Fiction Open in March and April 2017.

– For poets: the Fish Publishing poetry contest is open for submissions until the end of March. 

Events in the Munich area

Novel writing workshop with the group Creative Writing in Munich, led by Damien Barr, Pung Worathiti Manosroi, and myself. Attendance fee: 20 Euro per participant. Location: Münchner Frauenforum, close to Isartor, Rumfordstr. 25, 80469 München.

-other Creative Writing in Munich events: from April to June, group members will take turns hosting workshops. We’re  also planning a Creative Retreat at the moment! I’ll tell you more about our events in my April newsletter (I’ll save news about my own writing for then too). 

Being part of a community of writers reinforces your commitment to writing. Whether you write alone or with a group, keep showing up to meet yourself on the page. Learn to protect your writing time and space. Set healthy boundaries around it, especially you, dear (woman) writer who loves too much and often puts other people and tasks first. You and your writing are entitled to occupying space and time. Let you writing bloom this spring. Keep writing.

With writerly love, as always,


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