NaNoWriMo 2016

This year, I am going back to my novel draft during NaNoWriMo rather than focusing on counting my words. When I say novel I am likely not using the right term, but I don’t know what the final form will be. I am using November as a starting point for something bigger.

I’m going to “relive” and rewrite the first two stories/novellas by the end of the year and develop the third one in January. I thought about working on the third first but I feel like getting the first two out of me is more urgent, with a higher understanding of the characters and better craft than when I first wrote them. Parts of them are in hard-cover books, parts on a usb stick. So first I need to get the puzzle pieces in some sort of format.

I plan to revise the whole thing as a unit in February. At least this is my current goal. Ambitious? Yes. But I’ve been postponing this for so long that I feel I need some deadlines. One chunk per month is something tangible. What is your NaNoWriMo goal this year?

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  1. Great time to get focused. For two years I worked on the idea of a novel. I did the word count, and even though I would not call them novels, the effort certainly pushed me forward in my writing. This year I’m not doing NaNoWriMo officially, but I just finished part of a video project that was due Oct. 31, and now I am going to focus on writing related to a documentary project idea. Just that fact that I was reminded about the event helped me to make that goal. Good luck and Enjoy!

  2. That is great, Anne. I think there are different ways of doing NaNoWriMo and all are very valid as long as it makes us stay focus on our creative projects and gives us a target to achieve. Finishing stuff is one of the greatest challenges of creatives, I think, so anything that helps us get closer to the final product is good stuff.

    The first image of this novel came to me more than 4 years ago so in some ways I feel like I can no longer breathe unless I get it all out of me. I have come to love revision. I look at chapters I wrote 2-3 years and go nah, you lost POV here, or you didn’t go deep enough with the character here, or you should flesh out this scene more.

    But then there are little hidden gems everywhere, stuff that my subconsciousness chose in which I saw no meaning initially, but I am so glad I did not cross all that stuff out because it feels golden now. Which is why I love writing first drafts by hand. The inner critic is easier to silence than when working on a computer.

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