You’ve reached that hybrid in-between place you’ve been longing for.

Hello and welcome!

Hybridity is, for me — as I believe is the case for many of us who do not have binary belongings — that magic in-between space where my voice can naturally come alive.

“Let me begin by observing that all writing is hybrid by its nature. The act of writing is a hybrid of symbol and sound. A word is a hybrid of sound and its designation or meaning (…) Poetry is a hybrid of words and music, memoir is a hybrid of facts and fiction. Fiction is a hybrid of autobiography, observation, research and invention (…) Writing in multiple forms is bad for your writing career (…) but I persist, because it’s good for my writing.”  – Janet Burroway at the 2018 AWP Conference, Tampa, Florida 

My mission is simple: let’s create, together, a new kind of written language  — through challenging the common traditional boundaries of genre, geographic location, and publishing expectations — one that better fits the needs of writers everywhere. Let’s make our unique voices heard, by writing beyond borders; not within, without, or across them, but beyond. 

If part of what you read here resonates with you, I’d love to know what, and in what way.

Perhaps in time, this hybrid in-between place of mine will become your home too, or inspire you at least to go searching for your own. Please feel welcome to explore my website, ask me questions, and provide feedback.

Thank you for stopping by!