The Body and The Voice

Nonfiction Finalist 2020

Dear readers and writers, It’s been a while since we talked here. For me, the last couple of months have meant collecting the fruit of recent creative work and readjusting to the ever-changing landscape of corona restrictions as well as other major life changes. Things Are Changing  These last few months have also been a […]

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Your potential self is infinite

Dear writer, I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve given my body and mind some well-deserved rest, mostly without words. At least not my words. I spent quite a bit of time reading other people’s words. Lavishing in their stories, their use of language. I have given myself and my website time and space to rest. For […]

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Munich Stories 2016 is here

Dear friends, I’m excited about the publishing of the collaborative book Munich Stories 2016 by Kyfio Publishing UG. It is already available for sale here, with world-wide shipping, and will also be sold on Nov 12th at The Munich Readery, where we’ll have our book launch, starting at 7 pm. This was an exciting four-week project and a great team effort. Six writers […]

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