Advanced praise for Our Voices 

“The impulse to write memoir is almost always deeply personal, the urge to express experience as only that particular author can. Diana Radovan’s book Our Voices uses a child’s point of view at the start to express the extreme political events she witnessed growing up in Timișoara, Romania, behind the so-called Iron Curtain.

Innocence gives way to experience as the child grows to understand three generations of her family’s story in the context of larger history, while pursuing advanced degrees in other countries and traveling the world. As Diana has navigated the repercussions of “being from” that “other” (Eastern) Europe, she has taken on the task of giving voice to the reality. It is the writing itself that engages the reader, offering a poetic lyricism to the places and events she describes.

Adventurous in spirit, a nature lover, a city wanderer, a photographer, and a bright mind, Diana’s outlook is truly international. In these times especially, her story, her many stories, need to be written and heard.”

– Marianne Rogoff, author of Silvie’s Life and Pushcart Prize nominee

Praise for other publications

“The third issue of Flash Fiction Magazine showcases the work of thirty exceptionally talented literary artists who have mastered the art of terse storytelling. The very short fiction featured in this magnificent collection runs the gamut from kitchen sink realism to outrageous farce to horror and fantasy. Covering a wide range of genres and styles, these short short stories invite the reader into myriad unforgettable lives and situations, offering among their many gifts lessons in balloon swallowing, powerful memories from the day the moon was conquered, and wedding flowers for the taking.” 

Editorial description of Flash Fiction Magazine – Book 3 (I’m a contributing author)

“We really like it – it’s got an amazing pace and rhythm, and is chock-a-block with beautiful imagery.”

The Dog-Ear editors about my prose poem Willow

“The way Diana’s story The Artist is written reminds me of the great French jump cut movies.”

Pung Worathiti Manosroi, 2010 Young Artist Thai award winner, author of Good Morning Sunshine, and my illustrator in the Munich Stories 2016 collaborative book project (Thailand, Germany)

The Artist has beautiful prose and an emotionally compelling scene tied together with a deft sensory metaphor.” 

Disquiet International 2016 fiction competition judges (Portugal)

“Diana Radovan writes from the heart. Drawing on her experience as an international seeker, she offers a compelling mixture of adventure, insight, and honesty. She possesses an innate facility with language, and her passion for the written word makes her a natural teacher and advocate. And did I mention that she has a wonderful sense of humour?”

Florence Wetzel, Iceland Writers Retreat participant (USA)

“Diana hat den Kurs “Geschichten bauen” von Schreibfluss besucht und vor allem die wunderbare “Schreibzeit” an der Ostsee. Hier habe ich das Kreativtalent Diana noch besser kennenlernen dürfen. Wir hatten viel Freude und inspirierte Stunden miteinander. Ihre multikulturellen Texte waren eine wunderbare Bereicherung für alle. Über die Jahre hat sie konsequent weiter an ihrem Schreiben gearbeitet und sich ihre Erfolge verdient!

Jurenka Jurk, Schreibfluss – die Romanschule (Germany)

Praise for my writing and critiquing skills

“When I talk to Diana, I see a bubbly person with a fantastic laughter.

When I read her texts I see a more complex person. Through her writing Diana shows me a colourful world that’s not all full of light. It’s also not all dark. I see the world where shades and shadows come and go, just like in life.

Diana’s attitude to anyone who wants to express themselves with words is incredibly encouraging, and she’s able to give both enlightening hints and helpful criticism.

As a fellow member of a small writing group, she gave me feedback on my writing, which I found not only incredibly helpful but professional and to the point.”

Reija Viinikkala-Smith, an English teacher from Finland who sometimes desires to express herself through written word (Finland, Germany)

“Unii spun că scrisul ține numai şi numai de talent. Alții, dimpotrivă, că nu ai cum să ajungi să scrii mişto dacă nu munceşti. Să lăsăm, aşadar, scrisul să ne controleze sau să-l ținem sub control? Diana e unul dintre cei care ştiu răspunsul. L-a ştiut şi-acum cinci ani, când ne-am cunoscut. Iar faptul că ştie (şi vrea) să-l transmită şi altora e, poate, cea mai tare chestie. De admirat, zic, de admirat.”

Bogdan Munteanu, scriitor (Romania)

“I met Diana Radovan through an advanced writing course at the University of Calgary.

As an editor, Diana uses her literary experience and her analytical mind to offer specific and useful feedback and suggestions that strengthen the writings of her peers.

As a writer, Diana creates original engaging texts with tangible images and words. She is a storyteller, a master of tone and mood, a magic-maker.

Barb Howard, Author of Western Taxidermy and other books; 2015/16 President of the Writers’ Guild of Alberta (Canada)

“I met Diana Radovan  when she was a student in my Creative Writing class in Calgary. During her time in Canada, Diana was writing and editing scientific documents, and  striving to find her own creative voice.

It was clear from the outset that Diana had both the gift and the passion to pursue this dream, and pursue it she did. I have been delighted to follow her through her travels and read of her success as a writer.

Diana is a teacher in Sarah Selecky’s The Story Intensive — high recommendation. I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah when we attended the University of British Columbia’s MFA Creative Writing program ten years ago and she has since become one of Canada’s notable short fiction authors and creative writing teachers.

It is my pleasure to recommend Diana as a writing teacher and coach. Her effervescence and her enthusiasm for sharing her love of writing are, in my opinion, among the highest qualifications for a mentor in this art.

Betty Jane Hegerat, Canadian author of literary fiction and creative writing teacher (Canada)

Praise for my coaching and teaching skills

“Writers who have had the privilege of working with Diana Radovan in The Story Intensive know her to be smart, disciplined, and full of enchanted thoughts about writing practice. Her unusual combination of passions — including her academic experience and her reverence for mystery — makes her a special writer and teacher.”

 Sarah Selecky, Scotiabank Giller Prize Finalist for the short story collection This Cake Is For The Party and creator of The Story Intensive online school (Canada)

“Diana Radovan was so helpful, gracious, and insightful in The Story Intensive. I have taken quite a few writing workshops. The best ones, and especially The Story Intensive, focus on deep reading, attention to details of craft as well as the deep well of the story.

The authenticity of writing is what gets to me, and I want to be better at it myself and see it in others’ writing. I appreciated the lessons and writing practice because I read new works and practiced new styles.

The worst experiences is when the focus is on writing for publication and there is little nuanced reading, either of the texts or of student work. In these situations, “uninformed” critiques become the norm. Often in such cases, there hasn’t been any useful instruction on doing a critique.

I got so much out of The Story IntensiveI’d been in a slump and was writing from outside the characters, which felt unsatisfying. Thanks to the members of the class, to the exercises, and to Diana’s guidance, I feel I’m writing from a deeper place.”

Patricia Sollner ~ Story Intensive 2016 graduate (USA)

Diana is my teacher, my tutor and my friend. She has the most wonderful and effective way to communicate with her students. Her workshops are a safe place for us to express and to experiment with new writing techniques. Most importantly, her unconditional love for writing personally helped me to overcome my self-criticism and fears. Diana has boosted me with confidence and she has provided me with useful writing tools for my writing projects. As I have told her in person, I am so happy that I have met her. I admire the kindness of her soul and above all I admire her writing.

Elena Kotsiliti, PhD student, writer, and member of Creative Writing in Munich (Greece, Germany)

Diana is a wonderful teacher! Her warmth, enthusiasm, and the breadth and depth of her literary knowledge make her an ideal writing instructor. In Sarah Selecky‘s Story Course Intensive, she always had the perfectly-timed video, inspiring quote, or book prescription for what to read next. Her reference to Robert Olen Butler’s From Where We Dream helped me take my writing practice to a deeper, more intuitive place.

Her comments on my assignments were always encouraging, and the insightful questions she posed provided ways that I might develop a piece further. I also learned an immense amount from the feedback she offered my classmates. She met each of us where we were and through her generous, enthusiastic comments, she helped each of us produce our best work. I honestly had never written as freely or as boldly as I did when I began working with Diana this semester.

The most important gift Diana gave my writing practice was helping me learn how to write past my inner critic gremlins who were constantly focused on how to measure my progress and whether what I was writing was good enough. Diana helped me rediscover the joy of writing for pure pleasure, a crucial lesson for an academic like me whose education and job have always focused on writing for publication.

Diana’s well-timed questions and personal stories about her own writing practice diffused my inner critics and helped me refocus my attention on the pleasure of putting my stories on the page. If you’re in need of re-envisioning your relationship with your writing practice, Diana is the perfect instructor and coach for you.

Kim Manganelli, PhDStory Intensive 2016 Graduate (USA)

“Diana ist eine leidenschaftliche Autorin und Dozentin. Sie schafft eine wunderbar warme, vertrauensvolle Atmosphäre in ihren Kursen und bereitet sich akribisch mit eigenen Lessons, Beispieltexten und Schreibübungen vor. Dadurch erhalten die Stunden einen guten Ablauf. Ich schätze auch, dass sie Raum für Diskussionen und Feedback gibt. Es ist eine intensive Zeit, und wir haben alle viel Spaß daran.”

Dr. Marie-Luise Meinhold, writer and member of Creative Writing in Munich (Germany)

“Diana has been my most wonderful tutor in Sarah Selecky’s Story Intensive class.

She was a very attentive, nurturing and forward-looking adviser, managing to both soothe a budding writer’s anxieties and help her take critique constructively.

After this very intensive course, I can truly say that Diana has helped me blossom as a writer, opened my mind to other writers’ work that I would’ve otherwise not come across. 

To me, she has become a person whose opinion matters; she has become more than a teacher: a trusted mentor for all things writerly.”

Anne-Sophie Colin, Story Intensive 2015 Graduate (France)