To read more about the content of each module, look at the descriptions provided in the calendar page. Each module initially developed for use within this group has been adjusted and enriched for individual use at home.

Once you pay the required fee, you will receive written information that you can go through at your own pace. Each module contains theoretical craft aspects as well as selected readings and writing exercises matching each topic.

If you wish to attend such workshops in person in the future, e-mail me to discuss options or consider joining the group Creative Writing in Munich if you live in the area.

Creative writing modules
“From Where You Dream” free

From Where You Dream

Please provide an email address where we should send the download link.

“Show, Don’t Tell” 30€
“Developing Real Characters” 30€
“Point of View” 30€
“Dialogue and Setting” 30€
“Structure, Plot, Story, Scene” 30€
“Writers We Love” 30€
“Write The Story Now” 30€
Two modules of your choice 50€
Four modules of your choice 100€
All modules 180€
1:1 coaching
First session – 30 minutes free Book now
One hour session 50€
Creative writing workshops
Face-to-face Creative Writing in Munich Workshop 20€