About me

I write because I love to write.

I write to (re)connect to myself and to the world. 

There was a time when I used to see my writing as something very private. I was imitating writers I liked but did not trust my own voice. I did not know my own voice. I was ashamed of my own voice. Or I wanted to have my voice seen and heard more than I wanted it to be truly mine, first of all. I was trying to turn it into something that would please my imaginary or real readers but not necessarily myself. I wasn’t allowing it to be me, because I wasn’t me just yet.

But when I now struggle with writing block, I know that it doesn’t really exist, that there’s actually a living block behind it, an unwillingness to live in my truth, because my truth may at times challenge or scare me in ways that I am not yet ready to face.

Do you write truthfully? If you’re not quite there yet and want get to your real writing voice, join the Story is a State of Mind community and sign up for The Story Course.