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Dear writer,

I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve given my body and mind some well-deserved rest, mostly without words. At least not my words. I spent quite a bit of time reading other people’s words. Lavishing in their stories, their use of language. I have given myself and my website time and space to rest. For a while, I stopped writing. I travelled a lot, mostly on my own. I discovered new lands. I discovered and rediscovered myself. I am still learning to give myself time to rest.


Atlantis Books in Santorini, Greece 

And guess what? My creativity is blooming after this phase of blankness. I am writing even when I am not writing. I often find myself taking a walk or a shower, working out, cooking, and new characters and storylines come to life. I feel like I am coming back to myself through my writing with a freshness I did not think I will ever reach again, with new ideas, new techniques, and endless playfulness. I am experimenting with writing longer pieces based on a synopsis (something I totally avoid for flash fiction) and with writing for stage.

At the moment, I am involved in a collaborative book project with three other Munich-based writers: Pung Worathiti Manosroi, Elena Kotsiliti, and Manfred Thaler. We only started a few weeks ago and so far we are still very much in the experimenting phase. It is fun and it is challenging. We have various cultural backgrounds, levels of experience with writing, approaches to structure and style, and writing tastes. We are still finding our way. But we have made progress: we have several main characters, a theme, and a deadline for finishing a first draft. If you have any experience with collaborative writing, please comment below.

I am also happy to be involved — once again — in the Munich Feminist Project. This will be their second theatre play where I will participate with a text. Except that unlike last time, this time I will also act; performances are scheduled on July 27th and July 28th at Eine Welt Haus. It’s been a while since I left Teatro International to focus on writing, and now I have come against this great opportunity to accommodate both. So, I’m currently working on a text based on a known fairytale, with a modern, feminist twist. I won’t tell you which, you’ll just have to come and see our play. Last but not least, this project is also about the international community of Munich, human rights, marginalised groups, and having fun together.

Another project that I’m looking forward to is Munich Stories 2017. Last year, my Munich Stories illustrator was Pung Worathiti Manosroi. We were 12 artists grouped in 6 teams. You can get an e-book version of our book on or This year, we’ll have more teams. I will team up with Isidora Romani. She is a talented visual artist and I’ve been looking forward to working with her for almost one year. The main theme this year will be the human soul, and we have already chosen our writing prompts from the list provided by Emmy Ann Horstkamp. We will be writing throughout July and August. In Week 1, Isidora will make a drawing based on word X and I will write a short story based on word Y. In Week 2, we’ll swap. I’ll get her drawing and write a text for word X; she will get my text from Week 1 and make a drawing based on it plus word Y. This will go on for 8 weeks.

I am also reading a lot, which for a writer still counts as writing time. Additionally, I am editing poetry and submitting flash fiction and creative non-fiction to various contests. Here is a contest that I wanted to bring to your attention, hoping you’ll submit work too. I’d be curious to know what writing projects you are working on at the moment, or have planned for summer, and if there is any way I can help. Please feel free to comment below.

Love and writing,



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  1. Hello Diana! Very interesting to read about all this, especially how rest, reading and travel have acted as a catalyst to your creativity. All the best with your various projects. Keep writing!

    • Hello Sarah,
      May our travels keep our bodies and creativity sane.
      Good luck with your travel blog,

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