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Dear writers,

Just like last year, I am happy to be a faculty member in an amazing writing programme ran by the talented Sarah Selecky. The Story Intensive is built upon The Story Course (previously known as Story is a State of Mind), which Margaret Atwood calls “smart, encouraging, practical”. (Btw, if you sign up for the Intensive, you’ll get to watch Sarah and Margaret discuss all things writerly in Sarah’s livingroom.)

The Story Intensive is — in Sarah Selecky‘s words — a semester of teacher-guided writing instruction. When you enroll, you receive instant, lifetime access to The Story Course. You also get the motivation that comes from deadlines, small classes and discussion groups, feedback on assignments, live support with Sarah Selecky, and master classes with amazing guest authors — including (among many others) Margaret Atwood and George Saunders.

Here are just some of the things I learnt in The Story Intensive back when I took this class as a student — these are now my lifelong writerly guiding principles, and my desktop background:

“If you use your mind too much, your story will start to sound like wood.”

“Don’t go where you think the story should go, let it go where it wants to go.”

“Read what you love, several times if you have to, and then write.”

“Take cat naps while writing (2-3 minutes, at your desk).”

“Your material is you, deep noticing, keeping an open, receptive mind.”

“This is exploratory, it’s the first draft.”

Registration is open until July 26th, and space is limited. Here is what Sarah Selecky and Anne-Sophie Colin, one of my former students, say about working with me in The Story Intensive last year. If you feel a click, trust your gut feeling and invest in your writing. I’d be honoured to be your teacher (click on my picture to read more) and guide you throughout the 2016 fall semester. Indicate when signing up whether you’d like to work with me.

Writing alone can be daunting. We writers have all been there, we’ve all been stuck, and we’re all constantly learning how to deal with our messy middle drafts, and how to write better first drafts. Join in to strengthen your vulnerability and craft through a real writing experience. In The Story Intensive, you’ll writing in a whole new way with each lesson.

Stay real in your writing, keep showing up, and see you inside The Story Intensive tribe!

With candid writerly love,



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