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Hello and welcome!

I am an award-winning multilingual writer, creative writing teacher, and writing coach living in the greater Munich area, between the big city bursting with culture and the peaceful German Alps. At different stages of my life, I have also lived in Canada and Romania.

NEWS Flash Fiction Magazine – Book 3 is out and available on all major amazons. I am happy to have a story included in this book. 

Last November, the collaborative book Munich Stories was launched at The Munich Readery, Augustenstr. 104. I wrote 8 short stories written in 4 weeks; they were illustrated by Pung Worathiti Manosroi. We read, discussed creative process, and sang jazz. Here’s a video of your book; also check it out on goodreads.


Last summer, I founded the group Creative-Writing-in-Munich. Join us! 

I write poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Additionally, I have a broad experience in writing and editing scientific documents for various audiences (as a side note, I have a PhD in Chemistry). Over the years, I’ve been actively involved in theatre, spoken word, and interactive writing events. I feel inspired by collaborations across disciplines. I am also a Puttypeep.

My story The Artist — inspired by a visual experiment that I saw at the Tate Modern Museum in London, UK last year — has recently been short-listed in the Listowels Writers’ Week Original – Short Story Competition and long-listed in the Disquiet International Program literary contest. The Disquiet readers judged the story as having “beautiful prose and an emotionally compelling scene tied together with a deft sensory metaphor”.

In June 2016, I collaborated with multimedia artist Emmy Horstkamp; her video installation “Will God Leave Me Alone?” based on my short story “On Death” was on display at Odeonsplatz, Munich for three weeks in June. I was also featured in a guest post and discussion with Sarah Selecky as her in-the-spotlight writer.

You can read my latest creative non-fiction piece, a finalist in Tupelo’s Quarterly prose open contest last winter. A shorter German version of this text won the first Text + Bild contest earlier this year; I have read it and discussed it with the audience at the magazine’s Release Party in Düsseldorf. You can read it online or get a hard copy of the magazine for free in bookstores and literary cafés around Germany and Austria. This piece also touches upon my teaching philosophy.

If you’re working on a writing project (even if it’s not in English) and you’re feeling stuck, I’d love to help you out.