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I am an award-winning multilingual writer living in the greater Munich area, between the big city bursting with culture and the peaceful German Alps. At different stages of my life, I also lived in Canada and Romania. I write poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. In 2017, I joined the Flash Fiction Magazine editorial team as a reader and editor. In 2015, I joined Sarah Selecky‘s team of writing teachers (I’m currently taking a break from teaching though).

In 2016, I wrote 8 short stories in 4 weeks for the collaborative book project Munich Stories . My stories were illustrated by Pung Worathiti Manosroi. Here’s a video of your book, and you can also find it on goodreads. Just a few months after moving to Munich, I founded the group Creative-Writing-in-Munich (currently led by John Oleani), for which I led biweekly workshops covering the basics of short story writing as well as interactive critique sessions.


I also have experience with writing and editing scientific documents for various audiences (I have a PhD in Chemistry). Over the years, I’ve been actively involved in many theatre, spoken word, and interactive writing events. I feel inspired by collaborations across disciplines.

This space is meant to both showcase my work and help you nurture your own writing.

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